my work

Hi, This is the collection of the work and all the contributions.

Research Articles

Dec 2021 onwards

  1. Analysis of the Ebola with a fractional-order model involving the Caputo-Fabrizio derivative.
    Authors: NH Shah, K Chaudhary
    Journal: Songklanakarin Journal of Science & Technology 45 (1), 2023
    Citations: 4
  2. A Fractional-order SVIR Model with Two Infection Classes for COVID-19 in India
    Authors: NH Shah, K Chaudhary, E Jayswal
    Journal: Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Covid-19 Transmission, 241-265, 2023
    Citations: 0


Dec 2021 onwards

MAT409 - Complex Analysis II
MAT405PR - Matrices & Linear algebra